Trec Nutrition - ZMA Original

Trec Nutrition - ZMA Original

Brand: Trec Nutrition

Category: ZMA-Sleep Enhancer

Quantity:120 caps

Servings: 60 servings



Natural Nonsteroidal Testosterone Booster!

·     Deep sleep and increased testosterone production

·     Anabolic mineral formulation

·     Patented ZMA formula

ZMA Originalcontains a patented composition of chelated mineral components which are essential for the correct course of anabolic processes in the body. The optimum combination of very well-absorbable zinc and magnesium forms enriched with vitamin B6 favours the increase of the endogenous testosterone levels. The active components of ZMA Original bring the organism into a deep, relaxing sleep which significantly decreases the time required for full regeneration of the body after intensive workout. 

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